Technology changes, but the process does not. It always comes down to 3 steps:

Learn → Test → Grow

We are a team of analysts, builders and capital allocators working at the cutting edge of decentralized finance. Our team has built reconciliation infrastructure that handles billions of dollars in capital movement, provided on chain forensics for millions of dollars of value moving between chains, protocols and addresses and has been actively building and deploying in DeFi since late 2019.

On Chain Analytics:

Our expertise is in leveraging on chain data to derive meaningful context on any project we are looking into. We are open for work.

Case Study: Clone X NFT

QiDao Dashboarding

Yearn Dashboarding

Compound Node Clustering


We are actively building on chain products. From alternative funding mechanisms to NFTs, this is our fun.

Renpō DAO

Clip Markets - Litepaper (v3)

Bank Men NFT

Data Engineering


We’ve written a series of guides for people looking to get into crypto.

Setting up a wallet

Terminology Dictionary

Useful Links

Solana Setup Guide

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